Xiaohong Wang

Coach Wang

Given the media honors as one of the five "Golden Flowers" in the China swimming arena, Xiaohong began swimming at age 10 and was selected for the China National Team at 16. Her first major acccomplishment was swimming in the finals at the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul. After that, she took away four gold medals at the 1990 Asia Games in Beijing. In the 1991 World Cup Finals, Xiaohong became the world champion in both the 100M and 200M butterfly events. After more than ten years of extremely intense training and competitions, she finally achieved the silver medal in the 200M butterfly event at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain. Retiring from her competitive swimming career, Xiaohong came to the University of Nevada in the United States for further study in early 1994. For three years, '95-'98, she served as Carson City Aquatic Club's head coach. Her best swimmer there, Lauren Costella, was granted a scholarship to Stanford University following several Senior National Championships and qualifying for the 2000 USA Olympic trials. With outstanding achievement in both competitive swimming and coaching, Xiaohong is currently honored as a certified ASCA level 4 coach. Xiaohong is currently the head coach at Calphin Aquatic Club, offering the best value and quality in swimming instruction in the Bay Area.

Joseph He, MBA


Joseph is the owner of Calphin Aquatic Club and is currently responsible for the business development and management of the school. He retired from a career as an electrical engineer to follow his dream of opening an aquatic facility in the Bay Area.



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